A Cast of Denim

About a week before every New York fashion week I hold a big, open pre-casting. I invite all the model agents to send their new, and not-so-new girls to see me, I make them walk, take a few snaps, put them in a binder and compile an extensive data base for each one of my designers. I usually see about 150 to 200 girls, so yeah, it gets exhausting, but it’s a fun and cool way to see all the newbies and discover a few gems on the way.

This time we did it a little bit differently though… I collaborated with my friend and photographer Paola Kudacki on a casting project that involved some styling too. While my casting went on, we pulled a few of our favorites aside, dressed them up in designer and vintage denim pieces and Poala shot them in a separate studio. The result is this series of black and white portraits – a nice change from all the mugshot polaroids, no? See if you recognize anyone from the shows!

Thank you to all the model agencies who participated! And thanks to all the girls for patiently waiting your turn….

Please hover your mouse over the photos for the clothing credits and the girls’ names.


March 18, 2013

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