A Colorful Legacy

I wasn’t born when Mister Coach made his first bag, but I am damned lucky I’m around to see his Legacy collection in all its gloriously bold new Fall colors. More over, I was asked to do a little Joos treatment with all this dazzling product. The result is a series of technicolor pictures and a mouthwatering video by my favorite wizz kid Aram Bedrossian. For optimal blinding effect, keep your eyes about 2 inches from the screen! And click through for the full rundown.

Make-up by Tracy Alfajora at Joe Management; Hair by Marki Shkreli at Art List.

Big thanks to Kerry Diamond and Lauren Levinger at Coach for their enthusiasm and trust, Marlene Wetherell for lending me the best vintage pieces and Belgian DJ duo “The Glimmers” for supplying the video soundtrack.

August 16, 2012

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