A Little Tallulah

I received an unusual request a few months ago. Annemarie Lawless, the wife of photographer Michael Sanders (who shot my Look of the Week this Monday), wrote me with a wildly enthusiastic introduction to her blog, A Little Muse, which primarily revolves around the adventures of her 5-year old daughter Tallulah. “I would really love to feature you on it!” she wrote. “You’re a total inspiration and you and Tallulah would be so beautiful together – honestly! It would be really exciting! Maybe a film on children’s vintage?” It sounded like music to my ears. I had never dressed up a little kid in vintage before!

We convened at my house last Sunday where Tallulah met my cats, Mohammed and Tyson. Mind you, my animals are indoor cats and have never encountered a small human being like Tallulah. It took some time for them to get used to the mini-intruder but by the time we left the house they were like jelly in her tiny hands. I had asked Caren at Fluke if she had any little girls clothes left. As I said before, Fluke would be closing that week – this was my last chance to shoot something! Luckily there was no shortness of cuteness. Tallulah highjacked the dressing room and locked me inside with her each time a new outfit was to be presented to mom with the camera. “We ended up taking the navy tuxedo jacket – she wore it home with the sequins dress!” wrote Annemarie later. “We also took the bright orange and green shift dress!!”

The result of our beautiful, unusual Sunday can be seen in Annemarie’s scrumptious little film below and on A Little Muse. If I ever have a kid of my own, I’m sure this is how I would spend most of my days….


December 23, 2011

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