Al Principe

Most fashion people stay at the Hotel Principe di Savoia when they come to Milan. It’s like summer camp! At any given time you will find someone you know hanging around the lobby, or smoking a cigarette outside or waiting at the concierge desk. We crash each other’s rooms, share cars, have breakfast together or go for a swim upstairs. It’s pretty cool but not very anonymous I’d say. Everyone knows your business. At night the bar downstairs gets kind of crazy. It’s like the Boom Boom Room in New York, only smaller, darker, louder and with MUCH more Italians! But again, there will always be someone you know. And I like that.

I have very few complaints about the Principe. It’s grand and beautiful. The service is impeccable and some of the staff have been there so long that they know their seasonal fashion guests by name. The single rooms can be a bit stuffy but the larger rooms facing the street are fantastic. We stayed on the 9th floor, with a view over the city. In the morning the sun would sit right on our window sill until noon. I’d open the window, turn the plush baroque chair around and do some tanning (topless!). Then I’d put on my running shoes (and top!) and go for a jog in the park opposite the hotel. It’s a little bit like home, only more expensive. (I had a little altercation with the room service man when he charged me €20 for 2 shots of espresso… After sending out a vexed tweet I found out they made a mistake and it’s ONLY €6 for 1 shot! The hotel apologized by giving me back €5 and a Principe blue note book “to collect all your thoughts”. I’m still confused. But thanks!)

But one thing this hotel needs is FREE WIFI! Please Principe, you’d have far less upset customers if your internet was free and readily available. Skip the passwords and vouchers and log-ins PREGO. Any 4-star hotel does it. And so can you.

Silk skirt by Miu Miu; 1950s two-piece bathing suit (from Lofty Vintage at the Manhattan Vintage show); Wedges by Celine; vintage head scarf from Stella Dallas in Williamsburg; Short sleeve sweatshirt with parrot by No.21; Knit bag by Missoni.

Photos by Sandra Semburg!

September 24, 2012

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