Alphabet City

There are many ways to spend a glacial Sunday afternoon in New York. One could go ice skating. Or make a fire. Personally I just like to stay at home. And make soup for example. Or iron. I call it “productive entertainment”. But lately, ever since I got it in my head that my apartment needed a make-over, I’ve been dallying deep and heavy in furniture stores, off- and on-line. It’s exciting but overwhelming to the point of hysteria. So far I’ve had new curtains installed in my bedroom. And I ordered a lamp shade. Baby steps…

I’ve gone back to the ABC Carpet Outlet twice these past few weeks. I don’t know if I had developed acute ADD or if those floor clerks changed their inventory behind my back, but that store is like a gum ball machine of furniture. How ever or which ever way you turn, you’re always getting something else. Luckily they have beds and soft carpets to repose on when things get out of hand, and a cafe, and a recreational room for kids. It’s quite the civilized shopping experience! And I think I’ve made up my mind about the coffee table I want… Three down.

I’d also like to give a special round of applause to Max Mara’s new JBag. Who needs color swatches and a home decorator when you have inspiration like this? I’d like to give you the illusion that the J is short for Joosy, but alas. It’s for Jennifer Garner, the face of the FW13 ad campaigns… Still, it is my new love…

Leather JBag by Max Mara; Orange cashmere crew neck sweater by Todd & Duncan; Pastel pink suit by Adam Lippes; Vintage brown floral shirt; Chocolate brown oversized ‘Kaiser’ coat (size 8!) by Max Mara; Pony hair shoes by Ralph Lauren; Vintage-inspired beige floral gown by Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti.

Photos by Meredith Jenks at ABC Outlet. Thanks to Sue Greenberg and her assistant Miss Brown.

January 30, 2014

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    I could look at these photos all day! Colours, lightening, clothing.. all fantastic!

    Hannah x

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    juliejulie - Reply

    Hi! I’ve always wanted to go to ABC outlet, but don’t know the best way to get there. Did you take the subway and was it a precarious walk across the highway once you got off? Or would you recommend a zipcar?

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      Janissa Brown - Reply

      the walk is not bad at all. But me personally a zip car would help just in case you fine something you do not want to leave without 🙂 check out our ABC Carpet & Home Bronx Outlet Facebook page. you will get to see beautiful pictures of just a fraction of what we have here at the outlet location.

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