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Perhaps the 90s norm core tradition trickles down to your underwear. What are you wearing? Engine red, lace thongs? Padded push-up bras? Still? I really don’t think it’s about that anymore. In my generous opinion, feelings of comfort account for a much stronger sense of confidence. The new pieces come off easier; they don’t leave nasty dents and marks; they let your contours breathe rather than suffocate them. Can’t we agree that women look and feel sexy in soft cotton bloomers and a simple camisole?

Germaine at GemPicket thinks so. When she left her position as Vice President of Store Development, Decorative Interiors at Ralph Lauren last year, she nestled loosely into the neutral look of the Onee Gyaru, a Japanese street style known for its girlie simplicity, and combined with her enduring love for 1960s cinema, introduced GemPicket, a line of “sophisticated and feminine silhouettes in cotton/silk batiste and fine cotton knit fabrications sourced from Japan and Italy.” On a hanger the pieces don’t look like much, but when you put them on… Ooh-la-la.

In the kind words of Freud I would say that my Id loves a little sultry pandemonium now and then, but my Ego doesn’t take itself that seriously. And so my Super-Ego protested when she saw the pictures. “Let’s bring this down a notch, shall we?” she blazoned. Insert: Bee Murphy and her esteemed illustration talents. Bee is from New Zealand and lives in a 1920’s bungalow in West Hollywood with “a large toy collection, a ginger tabby called Louis and a revolving cast of house quests”. Her bio is as impressive and funny as her work is awarded. And believe it or not, this was the first time she illustrated photos, so bravo Bee! I just have one more message for all my sisters: animate your world, inside and out.

Photography by Glynis Carpenter.

Hair and make-up by Glamsquad.

All clothing provided by GemPicket and for sale at Journelle in New York.

Illustrations by Bee Murphy at Larkworthy.


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July 28, 2015

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    Hello, I LOVE this! WHEN and WHERE can we purchase Gempicket clothing? xxx

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