Anouck’s Florence

My dear friend and model Anouck Lepere and I have been travel buddies for over 10 years. From snowboard trips to music festivals to summer holidays, we’ve spent some unforgettable times together. This year we were both invited to our friend’s wedding in Tuscany, so we took the opportunity to arrive a day early and visit Florence.

It was my second time there, but the magical buzz and sophisticated beauty of the city was still overpowering. There’s something about the rhythm; Florence moves at a happy, medium pace which creates this luxurious freedom and space. Even the packs of tourists are not overwhelming; they spread out nicely. And of course the shopping is like no where else in the world.

We walked into Capone, one of Italy’s most prestigious linens and lace shops, to buy matching sleep wear for the bride and groom but what we discovered was the whole archive of Loretta Capone’s vintage night gowns and lace garments! Not only is the store inexplicably grandiose and chic, we had the great honor to get an exclusive look into the vintage collection by Mrs. Capone herself! Her sales assistants pulled out night gowns, lace skirts and cotton camisoles from the past century, all in mint condition. Such a terrific treat.

If anything, Italy is THE place to shop for leather goods. All the vintage places we visited had a huge designer bag selection. I found my dream vintage Gucci bag – better than I imagined I could ever find, and trust me, hours and hours of Ebay sessions went into this search – for €150 at Boutique Nadine.

August 12, 2010

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    Vanessa Mala/HeightofVintage - Reply

    lovely photos!
    love your vintage clothing shoot =)

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    sarahlaure - Reply

    How beautiful are these pics? Seems like you are having so much fun all the time.

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    Bostonista - Reply

    that is definitely the best engagement ring ever! Such a beautiful trip! I'm so jealous I wish I was there!

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    WoooHooo XD


    I remember the names coz I've just been there last month with family 🙂

    They're absolutely breath-taking

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    Natalie, I’m traveling to Florence soon and I’d love to get a couple of vintage-hunting spots from you! 🙂

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