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Baby Doll

When’s the last time you saw an empire waist or a baby doll dress? Ladies and gentlemen, I present you two-in-one! The empire waist, baby doll mini summer dress! Vintage, of course. Breezy, for sure. And adorable, right? I wore it to death this summer, always with flats and my green Coach bag. For New York Fashion Week I rode around on a bike with it. But more about that tomorrow!

Green “Legacy Leather Penny Shoulder ¬†Purse” by Coach;¬†Fish scale sandals with Swarovski crystals by Osklen (the Brazilian brand I cast for this season; their first time showing in New York was a success!); Tan ‘Anytime‘ ¬†sunglasses by Karen Walker.

Photos by Aram Bedrossian, outside the New York Public Library by Central Station.


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