Keep Calm & Freeze Your Eggs

The questions become more frequent and alarming around 38. When people find out you are single and have not yet born a child, the reactions are almost vexed—from women and men alike—as if the end of the world is near and you’re about to pull the short end of the stick. But, your appalled audience collectively assures, there is a Noah’s ark, the antidote to the predicament that is a childless future with one simple question: “Are you freezing your eggs?”

I had my first retrieval in December. I figured it was a back-up, rather than a replacement strategy for the natural pregnancy I am still hoping to have. My husband and I never got as far as children – we were divorced faster than we could say the word “baby”– and the relationships that followed were anything but fruitful. Because, let’s face it, New York City is a desert when it comes to good men. So there I was, in my late thirties, with no marital prospects in sight, bombarded with heartfelt advice from anyone who wanted to leap to my rescue. And I decided it was time to build that ark.

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May 12, 2015

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5 Responses to “Keep Calm & Freeze Your Eggs”

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    sarafina - Reply

    Nice read, Joos. Tomorrow is my egg retrieval. At the age of 39, after a horrid 7 year relationship, I met my husband on a trans-Atlantic flight. Many obstacles have been conquered, and baby making is one of them. Note of advice from a 43 year-old, keep your eyes open in transit, just not NY transit. Good luck, Joos.

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    Emma Louise - Reply

    Wow! Wishing you the very best…this is a big step, loaded in so many ways–physically, emotionally, socially–great that you are sharing this. I hope all the stars align for you. x

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    Renate - Reply

    I hope one day you’ll be able to say “it was worth it”. And my only tip – giving guys a second chance is also sometimes worth it too :-)…

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    sallida - Reply

    I found great this decision, and this step you had made!, I believe we woman dont have the things so easy like mens!, and is great to have the possibilities to make this life decisions!


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