Because Everyone Wants a Game of Thrones Wedding…

The local press called it the wedding of the century. And they were determined to make their case. The newspapers in Dubrovnik sent a handful of unlikely paparazzi to circle every party venue, hoping to get shots of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie whom they believed would attend the wedding – not true. They flew remote-controlled drones with spy cameras over our heads as we watched the ceremony and kept them buzzing outside our hotel windows when Snoop Dogg was rumored to be staying at our hotel – that was true: he performed on the first night after dinner. And as word started to get out, the whole entire city marched out to watch the parade of guests walk from venue to venue. While guests were asked not to post any photos of the exclusive event to their social media, the Croatian press was on a mission to leak everything they possibly could and sell images to the foreign media. By day two a full length image of the bride and groom in full wedding ornate, appeared on and on day three Page 6 reported it was indeed: the wedding of the century….

I am not writing this post to reveal any more details about the wedding than you have not already seen and/or heard about. But I can tell you this: it was all kinds of fabulous and fantastic. Fabiola Beracasa and Jason Beckman have been together of ten years and have a little boy together, so this was “more than a wedding” she said. They didn’t spare any expense to make their guests feel comfortable and entertained, which was pretty much twenty-four-seven. I can’t even begin to think how anyone could possibly top this wedding. You can read Hamish Bowles’ side of the story in the September issue of Vogue magazine.

So, on that note, should you ever think about getting married, and plan a subsequent wedding, Dubrovnik might be just the place. It’s magical for many reasons:

  1. The views are stunning. Set at the bottom of a green hillside, the old town of Dubrovnik looks like a fairy tale, or King’s Landing to be precise, because this is in fact one of the locations where the HBO series is filmed. So perhaps I can suggest a Game of Thrones themed wedding? A lot has happened in the television landscape that we no longer have to rely on Star Trek…
  2. In my opinion there is only one hotel to stay: Villa Dubrovnik. Situated in a quiet nook East of the old town, it’s as boutique as it is charming and romantic. The rooms are spacious and most have a balcony with sea (and tree) view. I don’t know if they knew I was writing a review of the hotel – more about that on A Hotel Life – but the staff was ridiculously friendly and helpful. There’s a spa – I got an awesome massage from a man in harem pants – and an indoor pool and concrete decks on the rocks. It’s exquisite.
  3. Dubrovnik is a tourist spot, without a doubt. The sights are the main attraction. Every day huge cruise ships dock nearby and send thousands of people inside the city walls. I suggest taking the cable car up to see the city from the top of the hill, to walk the two kilometers on top of the walls and to visit the fortress Lovrijenac. If you like peacocks, take a boat to Lokrum, a small island with old ruins and tons of docile peacocks. If you stare long enough they will open their feathers! But Croatia is best seen from the water, so by all means, take out a boat, snorkel, swim and enjoy the blue waters!
  4. I know the Italians will hate me for this but the ice cream in Dubrovnik is to DIE! Even for lactose-intolerant wussies like me. I recommend “Dubrovnik” ice cream shop on Place Ulica 17. They make all their fruit flavors without cream or milk!
  5. Obviously you must eat fish.
  6. Fashion-wise you can definitely do some damage in Dubrovnik. Besides the little souvenir shops that sell soccer T-shirts with the Croatian flag, and all kinds of nautical attire, you can spend your life savings at Maria‘s. She sells everything from Valentino to Wang. Unfortunately I didn’t find any vintage in Dubrovnik. (And no Muse…)
  7. Summer season begins just about now in Dubrovnik. Every morning when I opened the curtains I saw a brighter and bluer sky. It was almost laughable. By the time I left temperatures had gone up to 31C. Basically: you can’t go wrong with the weather in Croatia.

Need I say more?

June 11, 2014

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13 Responses to “Because Everyone Wants a Game of Thrones Wedding…”

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    Prairie Rose - Reply

    Gah! I’m going to be in Croatia in a few weeks and am OBSESSED! These pictures are BEYOND! Also loved yor Insta feed. Cannot wait.

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    I m from Croatia, glad you enjoyed it. Next time you need to go to Hvar and Vis

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    Great post! amazing wedding! I ‘m so glad that you liked my country.
    … and we do have vintage…

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    Marina - Reply

    well, I’m from Dubrovnik and You managed to make me cry for joy 🙂 Thank You for being here and thank You for these lovely words 🙂 … ps. and yes, we have vintage

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    Desirae - Reply

    Ah, it looks so beautiful there! I can’t get over how blue the water is! As for a GOT wedding, I might hold off on that. They tend to get a little…err…messy lol! But makes for great tv though!

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    Marcy Blum - Reply

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the festivities! It was a complicated and demanding weekend to pull of and a lcollaboration of many of us including my entire brilliant
    planning team that made it all happen

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    Vedran - Reply

    Never mind all of the ridiculously stupid paparazzi crap, they are horrible creatures in every corner of the planet. I am glad you chose to highlight things that impressed you the most. We hope to see you soon in Croatia!

    – Vedran (a two week old transplant from NYC)

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    Elizabeth McBride - Reply

    Wow that looks like such an awesome place! It seems so new and posh but then again so historic and beautiful!

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    Tom Thiele, TopAdria Real Estate Croatia - Reply

    Game of Thrones was also shot in Istria in places like Rovinj and Pula (where I reside). It’s the most visited region in Croatia for a reason…come check it out!

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    I love Dubrovnik and Croatian coast. We used to go often when I was a kid. Next time you should visit islands.

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