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It’s here!! The book is officially out, TODAY!

To all my incredible Muses, on the blog and in the book, thank you! I have photographed over 300 of you since I started Tales of Endearment in 2010. You are all unique and fantastic in your own way. Your stories were touching, shocking, inspirational, hilarious, exemplary and always uplifting. Thank you for letting me into your homes, dreams and closets. Taking your picture was a privilege and an honor. I discovered what makes you tick, what makes you sad, and what makes you laugh hysterically, as if my lens opened a tiny door into your soul. This is OUR book.

To all the dear people who have pre-ordered on Amazon, or about to make the purchase, thank you! I hope you enjoy reading and immersing yourself in the galleries of images. I believe there’s some 1200 photos and 50,000 words to churn over, so take your time ; – ) Please give us five stars!!

To all the press who have already covered the launch and planned to include the book in their holiday wish lists, thank you! It’s a great and inexpensive gift for all fashion lovers. Vintage people are so inspiring I might as well start a second book…

To Jonathan Adler and Yola Mezcal who threw me a little shopping party in Los Angeles, thank you! Beds are the new chairs!

Please join us at Artists & Fleas Soho in New York on December 6th for a reading and signing with Strand Books. Get your tickets now and dress vintage for a chance to appear on the blog.


Photos by Michelle Terris

November 21, 2017

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