Body Party

Ciara is a self-proclaimed tom-boy but the people at Paper Magazine had something very different in mind when they hired me to style her for their September cover…. Danielle Levitt‘s beautiful images and our hilarious behind-the-scenes ‘TWERK’ video should give you ample proof that Ciara not only looks great in a skirt, has concrete abs and is indeed more than a woman. Read the whole story here.

Many thanks to Mickey Boardman and Michael Musto at Paper Magazine, the incredible Ciara and her team of publicists, my assistants Yeti and Daniel and everyone who joined our studio body party.


September 2, 2013

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5 Responses to “Body Party”

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    Monroe Steele - Reply

    Natalie your styling of Ciara was ON POINT! Im such a huge fan of your style. If a screaming gap toothed black girl approaches you during NYFW and fawns all over you and forgets to introduce herself…its me.


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    Christina - Reply

    She looks absolutely beautiful-you did a fabulous job! Love the video, you are so lucky to have such a fun job!

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    myparisianlife - Reply

    Great styling! – Love how you styled her with classy the full skirts and funky fitted tops. I would wear all those looks. Really great job of mixing for the right balance of rough and refined.

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