Bridge and Tunnel

For the launch of the 2011 4-door Mini Cooper Countryman, the British car maker asked model Anouck Lepere – and a bunch of other tastemakers all over the States – what adventure she’d go on if she had one of these cute, crossover cars. Now consider that Anouck is living in New York and it’s April, the wettest month of the year… Isn’t it supremely logical she decides to take her friends on a shopping therapy trip? And while she’s at it, why not drive across the bridge and go to Jersey in this baby? And so Anouck, Julia Roitfeld and myself went on our merry way one rainy, wet, dreary afternoon early this spring. With a tag team of Mini Cooper photo- and videographers…

First stop: Another Man’s Treasure on Grove Street in Jersey City, a wonderful little store full of men’s and women’s vintage from the past century. We tried on hats, frocks and jackets, not knowing Mini Cooper would pick up the check for everything. “We have to show some results to our friends back home, don’t we?” asked the director, rhetorically. Hey, no one’s complaining! Next stop: Speakeasy Vintage in Montclair, an incredible store on the 2nd floor of a corner building in the middle of town. If you don’t know it’s there, you won’t find it. But it’s worth the climb up the stairs. I found a black, vinyl mod suit that looks like elephant skin!!

Despite the rain, our shopping trip was better than we had hoped for. We got tons of good stuff, had some great laughs, and got to test drive a fantastic new car! For more about our trip read theĀ report on minispace and watch the super fun video below. This post was way overdue!


October 28, 2011

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