C Magazine / September 2016

Natalie Joos, Tastemaker

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“I am not producing fashion. I am fashioning a product,” says Natalie Joos of her upcoming line of knitwear.

It’s one of the many projects keeping the Belgian native busy since launching her vintage-focused blog, Tales of Endearment, in 2010. The writer, photographer and stylist moved to L.A. from New York earlier this year for a change of scenery, but hasn’t slowed down. Also in the works: a book featuring her favorite muses, set to hit shelves in 2017. When she’s not working, expect to find her hunting for 1940s pieces for her fall wardrobe at the likes of Cannonball & Tilly and Venice’s The Pistol Club (also home to her Tales of Vintage pop-up shop). Here, Joos shares the things she’s currently coveting. talesofendearment.com.

Edited by Kelsey McKinnon.

September 29, 2016

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