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Bruno Pieters had some kind of revelation two years ago. He went to India on holiday, visited his friend who was doing charity work there, and came back a changed man. He sold all his archive, stopped designing his women’s clothing line and went traveling/thinking/changing some more. I’d hear some updates now and then, an e-mail here and there, a photograph he’d taken, or a rumor that he’d be starting men’s wear again, or work at Marc Jacobs or some other fashion company. But a conscious, charitable man doesn’t return to just any old job. Bruno Pieters felt he needed more, something worth-while and noble, that would encompass his new belief in sustainable products. And so he launched “Honest By“, a fashionable website dedicated to Earth, as a planet in danger.

Honest By’s philosophy is one of preservation and respect: HONEST BY’S SELECTION IS MADE WITH RESPECT FOR PEOPLE AND ANIMALS. WE WANT TO ENSURE EVERY COMPONENT IN EVERY PRODUCT WE SELL HAS THE SMALLEST IMPACT ON OUR HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT. Bruno invites fellow designers to make a small quantity of items, made from raw materials and produced with low impact on the environment. The pieces are sold on the website at reasonable prices as soon as the collection is out. Honest By does not recognize seasonal restraints.

Calla Haynes secured the latest Honest By collaboration. The Canadian designer, based in Paris, showed for the first time in New York this season. Her clothes are pretty in every sense of the word: light, colorful, sophisticated, delicate and feminine. I helped with the casting of her presentation and we became friends. So when Bruno and Calla asked me to model the dress she made for Honest By and be the face of the campaign – with a hot guy with a beard! – I jumped. Of course! The results of our day at Parc des Buttes de Chaumont in Paris can be seen on the blog and the collection is available in new arrivals. Hurray for happy, guilt-free shopping!

April 13, 2012

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