Cliché Crochet

Did the journey start with the dress, or with the bus? Whatever the motivation, cream-colored crochet seemed like the only appropriate theme for last weekend’s SoCal expedition. We drove South to San Onofre Surf Beach with clear instructions to bring provisions and layers. It still gets cold in California, even in the glaring afternoon sun, but the mood is so mild and the people so warm that no one ever wants to leave this beach. Mind you, I don’t surf, but that’s never deterred me from assimilating the life style, even just for one day.

The bus was on loan. A couple of surfer girls had driven it all the way down from Nova Scotia and left it in the safe hands of Alrik, the viking. The dress was my own, a recent purchase from Bustown Modern at A Current Affair, and one of those pieces that’s living proof of my imminent surrender to Los Angeles. Would I ever wear a crochet gown in New York? Let’s find out in two weeks when I’m back, albeit temporarily : – )

Photos by Michael Townsend. Thanks to Hannah Bhuiya, Alrik Yuill, Joey Bonano and Yaan Pessino. Check out @spacetimesurfboards : – )

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May 26, 2016

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    Christian - Reply

    Wow! This Crochet dress fits your body to a “T” loving this vintage look! I get a real San Francisco hippie vibe from the pics.

    much love


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