Cramp My Style

Winter time is a bitch, ain’t it? I have big problems with winter. For one, and I repeat, I hate tights. If I could I’d just be a bare-legged fool all through March but I could not give people the satisfaction of laughing at me. (And god knows they do! You should see them staring when I trek to the subway in my socks-and-heels situation. Pathetic.) So I compromise. I wear more pants. Or I find a way to cover up those ugly calves and “cankles” (that’s what I call my shapeless ankles when they are stuffed inside those nylon hose) with boots. For the longest time I didn’t even have the proper boots to do the trick, but my new, black, suede Jimmy Choo over-the-knees are like god sends. They’re sexy, and believe it or not: comfortable! So that’s one problem solved.

Then, there’s the whole putting-on-weight issue. The holiday months are tough, man. Come December, I just crave cookies and fried stuff and the pounds start adding on. My face inflates like a Cocoa Puff and gradually but surely I grow out of the pants I slithered into oh so smoothly during the summer. By the time the first snow flake falls I have nothing in my closet that fits anymore. Talk about pathetic. So wearing pants becomes a pain in my battered butt and the object of more stress than the merciless weather gods intended. Or did they?

So here’s my elegant solution for a stress-free, go-to winter outfit: knee-length skirt, over-the-knee boot, tight turtleneck and a big jacket. (And a hat to keep the frizz down, but that’s another bedtime story) If there is any part of my body left uncovered, I dare you to show me. There is just no way winter be crampin’ my style!

Vintage, tweed skirt by Celine (at Palm Beach Vintage); Skinny, black turtleneck sweater by Massimo Dutti; Black suede ‘Titan’ over-the-knee boots by Jimmy Choo; Oversized wool cardigan by United Bamboo; My old classic bag by Gucci; Grey wool hat by Eugenia Kim; Navy wool men’s coat by DKNY Jeans (Hey Shaun, you left your jacket in my house!!).

Classic street style photos provided by Ed Kavishe at Fashion Wire Press.


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