Dressing Miss Daisy

A little bird told me that Daisy Lowe would be a a great girl to shoot for one of my vintage closet stories. Supposedly she has a reputable collection… But it wasn’t until I spotted her at the Chanel party in New York, wearing a vintage cobalt blue velvet floor length cape that I got first hand evidence of her rightful vintage adoration and mustered up the nerve to ask her. Two weeks later, I am at her apartment in Holland Park watching her throw on the most delicious gowns and dresses and I think to myself: the little bird was right.

Daisy’s passion for fashion and vintage can be greatly attributed to her mom, Pearl. They shop together, go to vintage fairs, put on shows, they even have their own design collaborations with big UK street brands. Pearl has revamped budget retailer Peacocks, and Daisy will be launching her first capsule collection with Morgan this fall. It will consist of 17 ready-to-wear pieces and 7 accessories, all vintage inspired and Lowe-infused. “I called the collection ‘Oiseaux de Nuit’, because I feel like a bird of the night sometimes. I got all my friends to pose for the campaign. They have real bodies and they all looked so cute!” Daisy is also the poster child for Biba. In London, her face is everywhere! The fall campaign rides around the city on those red double decker buses, which still puts her off a bit: “I’m like a giant!!!”

When I meet Daisy, she had just come back from Somerset, where she spends a lot of her free time. She greets me, all smiles, wearing rolled down socks and a beautiful 1940’s Marks and Spencer powder blue silk dress and proudly introduces me to Monty, her white pooch, who actually seems to be a bit car sick; poor thing is shivering. Nonetheless he lounges quietly on the bed while his boss poses and changes for me. All those years of being in the front of the cameras taught her a thing or two about modeling. Shooting Daisy is a dream! And she brings something new to the Tales: a healthy dose of sex appeal…


September 29, 2010

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    querou aquino - Reply

    I just love Daisy so much! I once saw her at Topshop Oxford Circus (not long ago!) and just froze. My friend came over her to tell her I loved her and to introduce us. Such an embarassing moment for a 30 year old.

    Anyway, I think her style is simply gorgeous and she is always looking lovely.

    And the last picture takes my breath away! 🙂


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    Found this blog via the latest issue of Vogue and i love it. Natalie your dope, i did some research on you and i admire what you do. On another note, Daisy's vintage garments are all pretty cool. I love them! Is she single? She's pretty cute 🙂

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    bjonesstyle - Reply

    Love your blog and love the fact you show off great vintage collections! If you are ever in Southern California I would love to swap vintage love!

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    www.samayalingvintage.com - Reply

    Hello Natalie x great to meet you yesterday! Looking forward to following you from now on…Samaya Ling xxx

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