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December 01, 2014

A job in fashion is often about finding just the right look and on last night’s episode of House of DVF, our friend and collaborator, Natalie Joos, challenged the brand ambassador hopefuls to do just that. A casting agent, stylist, photographer and the arbiter of taste behind Tales of Endearment, Natalie was the perfect woman for the job. And speaking of jobs, Natalie’s sounds pretty covetable, doesn’t it? We were lucky enough to catch up with her on what her job entails, exactly, what advice she would give young women hoping to break into fashion, and the question that has been on all of our minds as of late: what to wear this holiday party season?

As a casting agent, consultant, stylist, photographer, writer, and woman of enviable style, what is a typical day in the life for you? 

A typical day starts with e-mails. In the summer I will go for a run when I’ve finished, and have a coffee after. More e-mails follow. I always schedule my appointments in the afternoon, so by 1 PM I’m usually out of the house. I have the occasional fitting—I always pick the clothes myself, rather than having the PR girls send me looks— or a showroom visit, or a meeting for a new job. I do a couple of shoots a week so that takes up a few hours of my day as well. I do all of my writing at night, when the e-mails stop coming in and I can sit quietly at my desk. And when I have any time left, I will go on a date! (Tinder is awesome!)

How would you describe your personal style? And what guidance would you give to a young woman hoping to discover her own?

I dress in characters. I don’t adhere to one style per se. I can go from fifties housewife to British tomboy at the drop of a hat. But a few words always fit: a little sexy, always feminine—I dress for the boys— and some humor where it’s appropriate. I try to mix high and low, and old and new. I don’t like to follow trends.

I was always into fashion, from a very early age. I’d ask my mom to sew clothes for me because I could never find what I wanted in the stores in Belgium. My advice to young girls is: experiment, and have fun with fashion. Whatever your style is, or will be, keep on playing.

Was House of DVF your first foray into television? What was the experience like and what was your favorite moment?

I’ve done TV before. House of DVF was a great experience because I felt so much at ease. I know everyone at the office and I love Diane so it was just like any other day really. I’m not shy in front of the camera. On the contrary, I’m very much in my element.

What advice would you give to the brand ambassador hopefuls? And to a young woman wanting to follow in your fashion footsteps?

I get a lot of e-mails from young girls asking for my advice. I try to respond but sometimes the e-mails fall thru the cracks. Only the persistent hopefuls, who keep sending reminders will finally get me on the phone. And that’s lesson number one: be persistent. If you want something, go after it. And don’t be afraid to ASK. You’d be surprised at how much you can accomplish simply by asking for it. And it’s important to have class, in whatever you do—especially for a DVF ambassador. DVF is feminine, playful and elegant, and those are irreplaceable qualities. I always recommend for the young girls to do internships. And to go to as many fashion parties as possible, because that’s where I do most of my business. Contacts are the key to success!

And while we have you, what is the secret to holiday party dressing?  Any tips on how to shine?

The holidays are the biggest party of the year so sparkle!! You can really go all out. I’m probably going to bust out some sequins…

December 4, 2014

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