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Eye Swoon

The train to Amagasett takes about two hours from Manhattan. Athena had shown me photos of the house a few weeks earlier – the place looked amazing – and rather than shoot at her apartment in Dumbo we decided to trek out to the Island. The train is always a bit like traveling, we like to say in Belgium… And I, for one, never say no to some fresh air. She bought the house about two and a half years ago when it was “literally a shack engulfed by trees that hadn’t been trimmed in forty years and falling apart! The roof was caving in and there were bulbs of mold growing throughout the house.” It took a good year to finish the renovations and decorating but it would turn out to be Athena Calderone’s chef d’oeuvre, the master project to measure all projects. “My home in Amagansett really reflects my style,” she says. “I love clean, modern lines but it needs to be roughed up with industrial antiques, hewed wood and ecclectic oddities and then warmed up with rich textures and textiles. I always incorporate some classic pieces like vintage Danish and Scandenevian. I don’t think there is any set rule in design.”

I met Athena at an art gallery dinner a few months ago. She’s a striking, tall woman with jet-black bangs, lean legs and an elegance that borders bold sexiness. She tells me about her husband Victor who is “a progressive tech house DJ” and her son Jivan, whose hindi name means “to give life”. She loves cooking almost as much as she does interior decorating and recently started to write a blog to share her two passions with friends and well, “anyone who wants to read it”. Her personal style is an amalgam of involuntary extremes. Her mood either sets off a feminine, girlie look, made up of Edwardian lace and vintage tea dresses or a severe, hard look that begins and ends with something black, revealing and sexy. She’s soft spoken and good natured, a bit shy even, she claims, which makes all this creativity matter even more.

It’s cold in Amagansett – there’s a harsh, chilling wind whistling around the house – but the sun beams charge mightily through every bit of glass and window. Athena’s friend Leilani has been watching the kids, two 9-year old boisterous – in a good way – boys who, she claims, “are making pasta in the bathroom sink!” Jivan’s been watching and assisting his mom in the kitchen from a very young age. “He makes a mean pesto!” she claims proudly. Athena’s used to Victor not being around on weekends “but it got challenging once we bought the house in Amagansatt and I started meeting new friends who would come out only on weekends. They would always arrive just as he’s leaving, which is a bummer,” she sighs. Athena turns out to be an outstanding model. She guides me through her closet and poses remarkably swift and relaxed – no shy girl here! Tonight we are cooking dinner and watching the Golden Globes. Guess who Athena voted for? She’s a shy girl with a black dress on….

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56 Responses to “Eye Swoon”

  1. avatar

    The comfy grey couch. Where did you get it? Kindest regards, Tara

  2. avatar

    Yes!!! That gray couch!!!! Would love to know where you got it!!!

  3. avatar
    Jennifer - Reply

    I absolutely love the gray couch! Where was it purchased from??
    Beautiful site:)

    • avatar

      I do believe u can contact Athena via her website eyeswoon. So many people have asked about her couches! Let me know if u have trouble finding her. Good luck! N

  4. avatar

    Hi.. I am interested on the gray couch in one of the pictures. I can’t read all of the comments below( they are cut off). Can you please email me how I can get in contact with Athena! Thank you

  5. avatar

    I, too, would love to know where the couch is purchased from. Someone mentioned Crate and Barrell; is this correct? I checked their site and did not see it. :(

  6. avatar

    Can you tell me where the awesome grey couch is from? I checked crate and barrel but it doesn’t look like the same one.

  7. avatar
    roxanne - Reply

    I was wondering if you could tell me where the gorgeous grey couch (DSC_0322-335×505.jpg) is from? So luxurious!

  8. avatar
    Carley Thetford - Reply

    I really love the grey couch!! Can you please tell me where it is from?!!

  9. avatar
    samantha - Reply

    i love this. any idea where they entryway table came from? n the photo, there’s a stack of books on top and a framed photo of a gentleman above.

  10. avatar

    Can you PLEASE let me know where that couch is from? It looks like the most perfect slate, marshmallow couch ever! Perfect for rainy Seattle, where I reside :) Thank you!

  11. avatar
    Jessica - Reply

    I would love to know the model name of the couch you reference is from Crate and Barrel… not able to find it, and desperately love this couch!!

  12. avatar

    Where did you purchase that big, fluffy, grey couch? LOVE IT!!! WANT IT!!

  13. avatar

    Just incase anyone is interested in the couch, it is the Crate and Barrel Oasis sofa with ottoman in grey. <3

    • avatar

      i still CAN NOT find this couch or anything even remotely close to it … help!?

  14. avatar

    Where did you get the Grey sofa and ottoman? I cannot find furniture anywhere in the real world that fits my desire and that one is it?

  15. avatar
    Corttni Bobek - Reply

    Everyone is asking the same questions, but I have to know… where do I find this couch! I see in the replies that its crate and barrel but Im not finding it, so if someone could be more specific, that would be great. I want to buy this couch as soon as I find it.

      • avatar
        Whitney Lewis - Reply

        This is too funny that I found this conversation because I have this exact couch, in a beautiful ivory linen (Crate & Barrel Oasis purchased a few years ago) and I’m selling it. If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, send me an email and I’ll send you a picture of it. It is truly one of the most comfy places I’ve ever sat! Yummy is all I can say. Wish I had had that ottoman to match though.

  16. avatar
    Jessie - Reply

    Check out Volo.com Cameron sofa – grey tweet! It’s pretty close to the couch everyone!

  17. avatar

    grey couch similar to offerings at anthropologie this season (2015)

  18. avatar

    OK, Tons of queries about where the couch came from… is it confirmed that it’s from Crate & Barrel??

  19. avatar

    love Anthea’s style . Wondering where I can find where the grey couch is from ? Thank you

  20. avatar

    Hey, I went to crate and barrel website and I can’t find the couch. How I do I contact her?

  21. avatar

    Does anyone know where I can buy a couch similar to this? I am seriously in love with it. I live in Idaho.

  22. avatar

    Where can I get that grey couch? I saw it in tan and love it but can’t find it in the USA? Can you please tell me where you got yours? Thank you!!!

  23. avatar
    Michelle Reyes - Reply

    I am in LOVE with the gray couch. Wondering the brand and model for it.

  24. avatar

    Love the gray sectional. I want to build it. I realize this is several years ago, but if you still have it & there is a zipper on the top cushion, could you snap a picture of the insides-filling? It just looks so comfy, exactly what I want.

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