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A card and a coffee mug, if I’m not mistaken.... READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/being-a-vehicle/feed/ 4 Belly Buttons in October http://talesofendearment.com/my-days-are-numbered/ http://talesofendearment.com/my-days-are-numbered/#comments Tue, 07 Oct 2014 14:51:14 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=20322 Natalie Joos for Tales of EndearmentIt was terribly un-French to wear American varsity in Paris, but it had to be done. I’ve developed an insatiable obsession with 70s flared pants and crop Ts and the only thing I could find that worked with my Milanese purchase... READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/my-days-are-numbered/feed/ 1 My Husband, when I Dress Him http://talesofendearment.com/my-husband-when-i-dress-him/ http://talesofendearment.com/my-husband-when-i-dress-him/#comments Thu, 02 Oct 2014 10:57:19 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=20195 2X6A9548Even if you met Gabriela Perezutti Hearst just once, you’d immediately peg her as a spirited woman. Slightly hyper-active maybe, or just really focused and animated, depending on the time of day. Her gaze is intense, especially because she doesn’t wear any... READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/my-husband-when-i-dress-him/feed/ 1 Fashion Week is Chaos http://talesofendearment.com/fashion-week-is-chaos/ http://talesofendearment.com/fashion-week-is-chaos/#comments Tue, 23 Sep 2014 12:05:19 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=20138 READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/fashion-week-is-chaos/feed/ 13 The Magic of Sintra http://talesofendearment.com/the-magic-of-sintra/ http://talesofendearment.com/the-magic-of-sintra/#comments Mon, 22 Sep 2014 08:26:57 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=20052 2X6A4167I didn’t have much time to visit Sintra – like I said, there is way too much to see in Portugal to do it all in one go – but I crammed it in anyways, at the end of my... 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