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READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/stack-your-wool/feed/ 1 Into The Gloss / Top Shelf / 01.20.15 http://talesofendearment.com/into-the-gloss-top-shelf-01-20-15/ http://talesofendearment.com/into-the-gloss-top-shelf-01-20-15/#comments Sun, 25 Jan 2015 02:26:46 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=21682 ITGNatalie Joos, Stylist “In 1997, I moved from Belgium to New York. It was during the heroin chic period—Amber Valetta, Kate Moss, and everyone like that. I started out working as Glenn O’Brien’s personal assistant and then I worked for... READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/into-the-gloss-top-shelf-01-20-15/feed/ 0 Citiphile / 01.16.15 http://talesofendearment.com/citiphile-01-16-15/ http://talesofendearment.com/citiphile-01-16-15/#comments Sun, 25 Jan 2015 02:23:18 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=21679 citiphileNatalie Joos Casting Director/Writer // Williamsburg Originally from Belgium, Natalie Joos approaches dressing the European way— vibrantly and creatively, always with a boldness or drama. She’ll be in bubble gum pink see-through chiffon one day and a vintage basketball jersey the... READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/citiphile-01-16-15/feed/ 0 Little Moments of Fuck You http://talesofendearment.com/little-moments-of-fuck-you/ http://talesofendearment.com/little-moments-of-fuck-you/#comments Thu, 22 Jan 2015 21:04:28 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=21565 2X6A0201Seven girls, five bottles of wine, three sheepskin rugs, a sleeping dog and a crackling fire. It’s the stuff chick flicks are made of. But this gathering has all the trappings of a sorcerer’s circle, with philosophical, spiritual and herbal banter bouncing around the room... READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/little-moments-of-fuck-you/feed/ 4 Socks, Tights and Leggings http://talesofendearment.com/socks-tights-and-leggings/ http://talesofendearment.com/socks-tights-and-leggings/#comments Tue, 20 Jan 2015 18:05:52 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=21638 Look 5: Uniqlo white puffy jacket Club Monaco white furry scarf Clover Canyon printed wedges Hue purple legging pants Hue purple Socks Zara purple/white mix beanieIt’s kind of ironic that I should style Hue’s FW15 look book. I may have mentioned in the past that I am affably against models wearing black leggings for castings. I would always look at them and think: Isn’t there... READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/socks-tights-and-leggings/feed/ 3 Desert Sessions, Volume I & II http://talesofendearment.com/desert-sessions-volume-i-ii/ http://talesofendearment.com/desert-sessions-volume-i-ii/#comments Tue, 13 Jan 2015 16:41:06 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=21508 _AAA7204The plan was to drive to Joshua Tree in the morning on the 28th of December, shoot all the funny vintage pieces I had pulled from Sielian Vintage and The Way We Wore, spend the night, and wake up in the middle of... READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/desert-sessions-volume-i-ii/feed/ 9 Meanwhile at the Ramones Ranch http://talesofendearment.com/meanwhile-at-the-ramones-ranch/ http://talesofendearment.com/meanwhile-at-the-ramones-ranch/#comments Wed, 07 Jan 2015 05:35:03 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=21422 2X6A8438The first indication is the house I am standing in front of. It is pink: a bright, unapologetic, screaming, pepto-bismol pink. With prairie green roof and window trimmings, candy canes planted on the front lawn and life size figurines depicting the Nativity of Jesus... READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/meanwhile-at-the-ramones-ranch/feed/ 10 I Got a Puppy for my Birthday!! http://talesofendearment.com/i-got-a-puppy-for-my-birthday/ http://talesofendearment.com/i-got-a-puppy-for-my-birthday/#comments Mon, 29 Dec 2014 16:59:17 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=21378 122314_joos_0401Just kidding… (Not about my birthday – it is today!) But the adorable 10-week old mongrel named Rosebud is not mine. She was rescued from a kill shelter in Georgia by In Our Hands Rescue and just in the nick... READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/i-got-a-puppy-for-my-birthday/feed/ 5 Ms. Crusoe http://talesofendearment.com/ms-crusoe/ http://talesofendearment.com/ms-crusoe/#comments Thu, 25 Dec 2014 15:35:14 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=21347 2X6A7954What you will appreciate about Playa Majahuitas, and about glamping in general, is the secludedness, the closeness to nature and the feeling of community. We felt stranded, like two seals introduced to a new colony. The only way on and off... READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/ms-crusoe/feed/ 1 Glamping http://talesofendearment.com/glamping/ http://talesofendearment.com/glamping/#comments Tue, 23 Dec 2014 14:30:29 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=21268 20141219_110852I warned the lady from the get-go. I said, “Lady, the first and last time I went camping I was 17-years old. For two weeks straight, I was confined to a medium-sized bungalow tent on a camping ground in Biarritz with four... 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