Tales Of Endearment http://talesofendearment.com STORIES ABOUT LOVE, FRIENDS, VINTAGE, MUSIC AND LIFE. Wed, 26 Nov 2014 16:18:16 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Antiques & Co. http://talesofendearment.com/antiques-co/ http://talesofendearment.com/antiques-co/#comments Wed, 26 Nov 2014 14:38:05 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=20962 2X6A6345The Pier Antique Show happens only twice a year. It’s recognized as New York’s largest antiques, vintage, art and collecting event, with more than four hundred exhibitors under the roof of Pier 94 on the Hudson River. And it’s been... READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/antiques-co/feed/ 0 Is Vintage Having a Crisis? http://talesofendearment.com/is-vintage-having-a-crisis/ http://talesofendearment.com/is-vintage-having-a-crisis/#comments Wed, 19 Nov 2014 15:06:26 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=20885 15Last weekend, while I was anxiously awaiting customers for my little booth at the Artists & Fleas Vintage NYC Showcase, I questioned, breaking out in tearful pangs of sweat, whether anyone would want to buy my expunged, secondhand want-me-nots. I wasn’t... READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/is-vintage-having-a-crisis/feed/ 7 The Princess Diaries http://talesofendearment.com/the-princess-diaries/ http://talesofendearment.com/the-princess-diaries/#comments Fri, 07 Nov 2014 15:20:16 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=20870 2X6A5149Melusine Ruspoli is having the time of her life. She’s young. She’s beautiful. She’s privileged. And at just 20-years old, she has the social world at her fingertips. In November 2013 she made her debut at the Crillion Ball in... READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/the-princess-diaries/feed/ 0 Win a Weekend in Paris with Louboutin & Co! http://talesofendearment.com/its-a-win-win-situation/ http://talesofendearment.com/its-a-win-win-situation/#comments Tue, 04 Nov 2014 14:17:13 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=20794 elle-01-christian-louboutin-elisa-sednaoui-blogI love people with big ideas and kind hearts. They keep the world in balance. They engage us for a greater cause and go just that extra mile to foster healthier, safer and smarter human relations. Take Elisa Sednaoui for... READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/its-a-win-win-situation/feed/ 2 1stdibs / Saturday Shopping / 11.01.14 http://talesofendearment.com/1stdibs-saturday-shopping-11-01-14/ http://talesofendearment.com/1stdibs-saturday-shopping-11-01-14/#comments Mon, 03 Nov 2014 14:03:00 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=20786 102314_JOOS1STDIBS_240Shopping with Natalie Joos This Belgian-born blogger first made her mark in New York as a casting director, scouting top talent for the likes of Hugo Boss, Helmut Lang and Phillip Lim. Her inimitable outfits — often featuring one-of-a-kind vintage pieces — soon began... READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/1stdibs-saturday-shopping-11-01-14/feed/ 0 First Dibs! http://talesofendearment.com/first-dibs/ http://talesofendearment.com/first-dibs/#comments Fri, 31 Oct 2014 13:36:03 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=20757 102314_JOOS1STDIBS_083If Ebay is the Honda, then 1stdibs is the Jaguar of vintage sites. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against Ebay’s overload of guiltless gratification. It’s what got me hooked on vintage in the first place. But 1stdibs is an... READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/first-dibs/feed/ 0 We are a Dedicated Bunch http://talesofendearment.com/we-are-a-dedicated-bunch/ http://talesofendearment.com/we-are-a-dedicated-bunch/#comments Tue, 28 Oct 2014 12:54:49 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=20596 2X6A5833Layna Isle Vancauteren is worried. She doesn’t really want to cut her hair. She’s had it long for a while and is quite happy with it. Her bangs are finally starting to grow out and it’s back to its natural... 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READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/the-master-and-margarita/feed/ 7 The Final Countdown http://talesofendearment.com/the-final-countdown/ http://talesofendearment.com/the-final-countdown/#comments Mon, 20 Oct 2014 17:44:51 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=20510 READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/the-final-countdown/feed/ 1 Style Stalking http://talesofendearment.com/style-stalking/ http://talesofendearment.com/style-stalking/#comments Thu, 16 Oct 2014 14:09:50 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=20492 PreetmaWhen Christene Barberich told me last year that Refinery29 was making a book, I thought to myself: makes sense, and about time. I was imagining a mind boggling ‘making of’ opus, or ‘the cat’s pajamas history of’ or “the staggering Refinery29... READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/style-stalking/feed/ 3 Essentially, Kipling http://talesofendearment.com/essentially-kipling/ http://talesofendearment.com/essentially-kipling/#comments Tue, 14 Oct 2014 12:18:33 +0000 http://talesofendearment.com/?p=20446 kipling coverBy now my affection for Kipling must be quite apparent, maybe even offensive. But when there is a connection, it’s a lasting one, especially with the Belgians. We stick together. For the Fall collections, Kipling USA invited me to style... READ MORE]]> http://talesofendearment.com/essentially-kipling/feed/ 0