Five Days To Own the Dream

I know you’ve wandered up there. We all have. Perhaps by accident, when you were looking for the nearest bathroom, or got stuck on the wrong elevator in the midst of your bewildered exit. Or maybe you just wanted to see it, because you heard the stories. Either way, I’m talking about the 6th floor at 888 Broadway, the mecca of rugs.

As a rule ABC Carpet & Home is a perilous place. From the moment you turn the corner on 18th Street and get a glimpse of those bewitched windows, you’re doomed. Something draws you to come inside and spend hours, if not dollars. It’s like a magical kingdom, a dense jungle of decorative inspiration. It’s the B&H of rugs, the FAO Schwartz of homewares. And you just love it.

Remember the pictures we did in the Bronx location? That’s exactly two years ago! Now that I’m moving house (and states!) and got rid of most of my old stuff, I had to go back, especially because the carpet floor is having a 60% off sale! I’ve had my eye on this shaggy, wool, multi-colored Moroccan rug for a few months. (It’s part of that stack I’m walking across in the green jump suit.) But when I got there, it was torturous not to get distracted by all the other marvels. Did you know that all their rugs are one-of-a-kind? You won’t find one that’s the same! It’s like vintage shopping! They’re all hand woven, or hand knotted or hand spun depending on the material and dyed with natural colors.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is: owning an ABC rug is no longer some farfetched, crazy fantasy. You just have to brave the New York elements and make the journey up to that 6th floor before January 24th and the dream is yours : – )

Dead stock, purple checkered wool coat with fur collar, with belt, size M/L – $380 at Tales of Vintage. Contact to make the purchase.

Dead stock, brown, oversized coarse teddy coat, size M/L – $320 at Tales of Vintage. Contact to make the purchase.

Photos by Meredith Jenks.

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January 20, 2016

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    Holly R - Reply

    OMG you are so groovy! So refreshing to see someone be bold and unapologetic in their style.
    So thank you!

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