I grew up on American Television. I knew how to say “I love you” before I could spell my own name. I watched American kids go to American schools that looked so much cooler than mine. There was this guy with a black leather jacket called the Fonz on Happy Days, and the beautiful, popular kids on Beverly Hills 90210 (the one with Brenda and Dylan – I’m old), and Winnie on The Wonder Years, and Molly Ringwald… American schools had lockers, and baseball fields, and boys!! We didn’t even have prom! And forget about cheerleaders, and jocks with varsity jackets who hook up with said cheerleaders. Nope, none of that. We studied Latin and religion. We played volleyball or went swimming. We dressed in grey uniforms every day and there were no boys, not even male teachers (except my senior year – he was a Jesuit, he taught Latin and he hated me…)

Anyways! I always wanted to go to an American school, just to see if I would be accepted as the foreign exchange student, or if I would get ostracized by the cool kids. And to wear what I wanted – I almost got expelled a few times for wearing “provocative” outfits – and to slip notes to people from the opposite sex for a change… And what does this have to do with a laundromat, you ask? Absolutely nothing.

Red checkered dress and black and white pleated skirt by Friends & Associates; My vintage varsity sweater from Stella Dallas; My old 50s flats by Marc Jacobs; Red and navy heels by Balenciaga; White bag with blue piping by Coach (SS13!); Pink hat w J (for Joos, duh) from a store in Times Square.

Photos by Meredith Jenks.

February 22, 2013

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