Happy Bike

There’s a few pictures floating around the internet of me riding around the city on a yellow polka dot bike. When you saw those photos you may have said, that looks like buckets of fun! Or, where did she get those rims? But also wondered, why? Here’s the deal. I’ve been a fan of Happy Socks since socks were like, invented. It’s that cool Swedish brand that makes ridiculously bright, colorful socks, usually with crazy stripes or some other gay (as in Happy) graphic print. They’ve done collaborations with Giles and have guys like Phil Oh as ambassadors. And now they made a bike! And I got my hands on it for one day. They even put a basket on it, just for me. This is #NYFW.

Video by Aram Bedrossian.

Special thanks to Josh Goldfarb and Rita O’Brien at United Legwear.

September 18, 2012

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