I Got a Puppy for my Birthday!!

Just kidding… (Not about my birthday – it is today!) But the adorable 10-week old mongrel named Rosebud is not mine. She was rescued from a kill shelter in Georgia by In Our Hands Rescue and just in the nick of time entrusted with the happy family of Kirstin Bailey, EVP of Interior Design at the Ian Schrager Company. (She designed the new Edition hotel in Miami for example, where I stayed during Art Basel.) Clearly, Rosebud was meant for bigger and better things… Like modeling my birthday gifts from Hueb!

Hueb is a beautiful jewelry line I discovered a few weeks ago on Madison Avenue. They’re from Brazil and just opened in October 2014. The website doesn’t do the jewelry justice I find. You should really visit the store; it’s a lesson in romance. Their collections are classic, delicate, timeless and elegant, “made by women, for women”. With age I feel I am drawn to understated, fine jewelry, rather than the chunky, fun stuff I used to wear. I’m sure it’s just a phase – I must be influenced by the 90s, as is everyone else – but I feel these pieces tell a different story about me. I’m not a kid anymore. I am a woman, as tough as it is to admit sometimes, with a soft spot for lyrical courtship and soft, graceful intelligence. It’s OK to be sweet and vulnerable. I just needed a dog, some cashmere and pretty shiny things to remind myself. Happy Birthday to me!

All jewelry by Hueb; Two-tone tunic sweater by Chloe; Piuma cashmere cardigan by Blake London; Peach angora-blend crop cardigan and short-sleeve sweater by Michael Kors; Multi-color wool and mohair sweater by Michael Kors; Oversized cowl neck knit sweater by Michael Kors; Grey knit leggings by Demy Lee; Tan loafers by Boyy, exclusively on sale at the Boyy Boutiques, or use the code “Tales of Endearment” when you order with Jesse@boyybag.com. They fit size-accurate.)

Photos by Meredith Jenks. Make-up and hair by Glamsquad, the fastest home service in the business! Gel manicure and custom nail art by Nails by Mei.

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December 29, 2014

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    Paris Rendez-Vous and Beyond - Reply

    All seriously gorgeous……but the puppy is the best!!! My ‘Molly’ has just been born….so in about 8 weeks I’m going to have a little furry baby ‘griffon’ to care for! Can’t wait.
    I’m new to your beautiful blog….I like your ‘voice’ that comes thru.
    Hope you have time to take a squizz at mine in sunny Brisbane, Australia. The title is “Paris Rendez-Vous and Beyond” and the address is:
    Looking forward to lots of e-connections in 2015.

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      Hi Bailes,
      thank you for your comment. I find spelling mistakes quite awful myself, and hate to hear you’re troubled. Can you let me know where you found them and I will correct them right away. Even if English is my 3rd language it shouldn’t be an excuse to make mistakes. And I apologize. Natalie

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