I Make Soup!

I don’t like cooking. Wait, that’s not entirely accurate. I do like cooking. It’s creative and challenging and I’m not bad at it. Maybe I am too lazy to cook? That’s not true either. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty, chopping up vegetables or whisking egg yolks. So why don’t I cook? I think I’m too impatient… When I’m hungry I want food. I don’t want to spend hours preparing a dish. That’s what chefs in restaurants are for. It’s like sewing: I know how to sew, but I don’t repair my own clothes. I leave it to the expert hands of a seamstress. And besides, by the time it’s ready I will have snacked my appetite away. The kitchen is just not my scene.

There are two things I do well though: oven-grilled vegetables. And soup! I love making soup. Easiest thing in the world. And if you make a large enough pot it will last you a whole week. In my opinion it’s the healthiest meal you can prepare. I don’t use any butter or cream – just water, fresh vegetables and some spices. Nothing bad or fattening goes in my soups. And they take about half an hour to make, including the shopping. It’s what I call ‘instant gratification’.

A few weeks ago I invited Athena Calderone to watch me make my soup. Remember Athena? When I photographed her Eye-Swoon was just an idea. Now it’s a beautiful, interesting life style blog, with lots of smiles, colors, decorating ideas and cooking tips! I introduced her to my¬†favorite soup: squash with red/orange/yellow baby peppers. To make it really easy and fast, buy the squash pre-packed in the supermarket, and mix it with pumpkin and carrots, for an extra orange color. Fill up your (enamel-on-steel) pot with the chunks, add water (cover the chunks), cut up the baby peppers – I don’t use the green ones because they’re not ripe and sweet – and throw in the mix. Add pepper, salt, some nutmeg, cloves and parsley and let it simmer until everything is soft. Right at the end I add a little block of vegetable stock for taste! Then use a 2-speed hand blender to puree the cooked batch. If you really want it to be smooth, you can finish in a normal blender. Weird, but it works!

So if you’re like me – not a kitchen princess – but still want feed your family healthy food now and again, make soup!

Read more about our Day of the Soup on Eye-Swoon. Athena’s ‘Color block Breton striped cashmere blend’ sweater by Vince; Classic White Apron at Sur La Table; Light blue cashmere sweater by Fedeli; Team USA boots by Polo Ralph Lauren; Dark denim cropped jeans by MIH.

March 12, 2014

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    pinkschmink - Reply

    There is almost nothing in the world more comforting than a bowl of really good vegetable soup. I like to roast up some carrots, parsnips and squash with cumin seeds and then throw it all in a pot with some stock and leave it to simmer down for a few hours. And ta-dah! Glorious soup.

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