Ibiza Chic

Ibiza has a bad rep. It’s crammed with rowdy Brits who drink 24 hours straight. The clubs and parties are loud, sweaty and drug-fueled. And the beaches are infested with sagging tits and tattoos. And I will admit, half of it IS true. But the island has so much more to offer! It’s beautiful, peaceful, chic and energizing.

Here’s some tips on how to DO Ibiza, the right way:

1. Get a house with a few, good friends. Pick the easy-going friends, who eat everything on the menu and are not afraid of bees.

2. Make sure the house has a nice pool and enough bed(room)s for everyone.

3. Rent and share a few cars. I recommend a small car with a good stereo – you have to be quite creative with parking spaces and you MUST head bang.

4. Spend most of your time passing out by the pool during the day, or drive to a nearby beach. (Moon Beach is my favorite – you won’t find any crazies there. In fact, you won’t find anyone because it’s kind of a secret place. Good luck finding it!)

5. Cook dinners together (always smart to invite a friend or two who can cook!) or make reservations at one of the hot spots. (La Paloma is my all time favorite! Book days in advance.)

6.  Decide on one night to ALL go nuts and party your asses off. Don’t flake or chicken out – stick together. The worst is when everyone goes out on different nights and comes home at odd hours. Come prepared with sunglasses (for the early hours) and party favors.

7. Take a boat to Formentera one day. Or take a boat, period. You have to see Ibiza from the water. And who knows you might bump into P Diddy.

8. The rest of the time you do NOTHING. I mean it.

Dress by Yvonne Sporre (she does a sale every Thursday at a friend’s house); Bag by Sluiz (this is like the Ikea of the Baleares, only 100% cooler!); My vintage army jacket; Gold sandals by Roberto Cavalli; Sunglasses by Oliver Peoples; Straw hat belongs to Clarisse, the lady of the house, and an incredible interior decorator.


August 24, 2012

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