If No One Ever Marries Me…

This might be a definitive Ellen Degeneres moment… Don’t worry boys, I haven’t turned gay, nor am I dancing hip-hop in khakis. None of that. Today I’m diving into the world of young talent, just like Ellen does on her show. The girls in question, Luella Roche and Storey Littleton are respectively eleven and thirteen years old, and recorded a cover version of their mentor Natalie Merchant’s “If No One Ever Marries Me”. I personally don’t have any fears on this front because I’ve “been there, done that”, but it’s a pertinent thought, at any age. One might be defiant and not give a shit, like the 18-year old girl who originally wrote the poem in the mid-19th century, or melancholic like Natalie and prepare for the prospect of becoming an old maid. Either way, these young girls are not yet marriage material, but the romance is strong.

This is the first video collaboration between Ryan Roche and Stone Fox Bride’s Molly Guy, both women I Taled last year. Ryan brought her cashmere and angora knits and Molly let the girls run free in her vintage archives. The result is a beautiful, unguarded Tale that undoubtedly conjures up images of The Virgin Suicides. It’s “a celebration of spirit, sisterhood and the magical mystery of abiding love. After all, says Merchant: “Love, in all its many forms, truly is the only thing that always endures.” Just one question remains: who’s calling Ellen?

Directed by Anna Palma; Edited by Van Alpert; Styled by Deborah Watson; B-Roll by 12-year old Forrest Watson; Fashion by Ryan Roche and Stone Fox Bride.

May 15, 2014

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    sarafina - Reply

    Simply lovely! I, just married at the age of 41, for the second time….don’t worry girls and Joos. It will happen! …and if it doesn’t, you have beautiful music to make and record! Kusjes!

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