I’m Not a Farmer

I met my friend for a drink last week, wearing short, baggy, denim overalls, a 90s-inspired bikini top and my new Adidas slides. I thought I looked cute enough, and considerably sexy with all that skin showing. But as soon as I opened the door he blurted out: “Oh! Howdy Farm Girl! What are you wearing?” I went: “What? It’s cute!” He didn’t think so: “You look like you don’t want to get laid!” (I think Leandra coined the phrase as “man repellent”.)

Now, before you get upset with my friend, I must warn you, I take his advice to heart because we’re close. He’s allowed to tell me things like this. He actually loves my little fashion outfits but where he‘s from dungarees are worn by backwards teenagers at a strip mall. So “if you’re gonna wear something like that, you should put on really amazing heels!” he compromised. OK, point taken. I wasn’t exactly trying to impress him, but I could have made an effort for this straight man, purely as exercise. The shoes come off later anyways…

Vintage denim dungarees by Paul & Joe; Striped, cropped top and skirt by Nicholas; White ‘detachable bustier top’ (part of a dress) by Hannah + Kaelen; Bright red ‘Adilette Trefoil’ slides by Adidas; Red and black mules by Celine (at Bergdorf Goodman); Gold headphones by Frends; Silver ‘Clubmaster’ mirror sunglasses by Ray Ban; My vintage gold elephant earrings at Barbara Trujillo Antiques in Bridgehampton (Thank you Lisa Salzer!); Vintage mesh shopping bag.

Photos by Felix Wong in Bushwick.


July 24, 2013

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15 Responses to “I’m Not a Farmer”

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    sheree@itsnotthatdeep - Reply

    This outfit is absolutely amazing and so are the pics..I LV the look with and without the dungarees!
    Sheree xxx

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    LOVE your style Natalie! Seriously you are an inspiration. What I admire about you is that there’s never a dull moment and your style comes naturally. With heels or with slides this outfit is still AMAZING!

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    JeJeJess - Reply

    I think you look smashing! Just wore my “bibs” yesterday. I like to elevate them w/ a tailored white blazer to eliminate the “farm girl” connection 😉

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    biendansmapeau - Reply

    Slides, stripes, love it all!! I would like to know what lipstick you are wearing ?

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      Aha! This is just the question I was waiting for. Please go on the home page, scroll down and find my new feature: GET IT! It’s exactly the lipstick you are asking me about!!

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    absolutely mrs k - Reply

    My beau would have said the exact same thing! Sometimes I think i look uber cool and I am so proud of my ‘cool’ outfit and then he is like: are you really going to wear that? do i have to walk the streets of wherever with you in that outfit? And i am like yes and he is like: that is not so flattering! i get you and i must say, i love it! love it when an item that is being worn for centuries is picked up by fashion! like the overall, the birkenstocks, the slippers, ….

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    oh. my. abs. no seriously, if this ain’t some motivation to do some sit ups I really don’t know what is! your body is b-a-n-g-i-n-g Ms Joos!!! and I’m envious of your tan over here in the Australian winter!

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    shesaidsomething - Reply

    Dear Natalie,

    I wanted to express to you the sheer authenticity of your blog. I believe that your strengths are your experience, playfulness and maturity (read: age). You bring a unique expressive quality that has substance behind it.

    In the end your creativity makes me smile and that is a wonderful gift. May your talent and voice grace our lives for a long time to come.

    Warmest Regards

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    stephanie - Reply

    I think these North American men think in stereotypes. No Northern European man would say you look like a farm girl!

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    Leslie - Reply

    I’m from Jalisco in Mexico and here your bag sells in the market but girls from here don’t use. And it’s an honor that you use to a perfectly mode.

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    Ash Tawadros - Reply

    Cute, very cute…

    Reminds me of Sienfled.

    Ellane work for Peterson Pulishing and Mr. Peterson liked to spin stories to discrib and sell his product in his Catalog.

    This is great. Stories selling clothing is cute.

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