Introducing: Ostwald Helgason

I discovered Ostwald Helgason during New York Fashion Week. They were presenting their collection there for the first time and had worked on casting with my sister Evelien Joos, the Photo Editor and Producer at V Magazine. I was working with Calla next door – she was showing at the same time at Milk Studios – and Evelien ran to get me from the backstage: “You have to see these clothes. They’re very YOU!” And oh boy. She was right. Colors, stripes, ruffles, sweatshirts, combinations I had not seen before, shapes I loved, the full Joosy package. I picked a look to wear right then and there. It took a while for us to get together but I finally caught up with Ingvar (half of the duo) at his showroom in the Marais. Watch this video.

March 7, 2012

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