It’s Not That Kind of Island

Some things are just no-brainers: pretty dresses, roller coasters, lollipops, polka dots, hot dogs, pink bows, palm trees, sand in your toes… You just can’t live without them. Your grandma, your dog, your local baker. Same – irreplaceable! Rings with numbers, necklaces with initials, vintage cuffs, funny dangly earrings, sparkly bracelets, gold pendants, you name it, you must have it. Right? Then read on, because Lulu Frost is your jewelry life line and I am supplying.

It’s not the first time Lulu Frost appears on this site. I featured its beautiful creator Lisa Salzer just about a year ago and a few iconic pieces at the 20s Immersion Ball. But today the roles are reversed. Because they just launched a new Influencer Series and I am the inaugural Summer Muse. I curated my own little boutique of jewels and trekked to Coney Island to shoot the pictures. And let me tell you: Coney Island should be on the school curriculum because it’s awesome! So I recommend that you go, once a year – another no-brainer – and if you do, please take Lisa because she’s never been (blasphemy!).

I wish you all a happy summer and lots of love from Lulu Frost!

Photos by Trent Bailey and Dara Kent Cobb. Make-up by Cassandra Garcia for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

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July 9, 2014

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    Summer at it’s best..there’s no other place like it, it’s priceless, love this post!

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    Jamie Herzlinger - Reply

    Ah yes, summer is a magical time of year! Love your blog!

    Jamie Herzlinger

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