It’s rude to point!

Winter’s a bitch, ain’t it? Oh wait, I said that last week already. Well I’ll say it again goddammit! Because here’s another issue. Especially for the girls out there who don’t wear padded bras, or bras at all for that matter. (I wear those cotton American Apparel bra thingies). What if it gets cold and you’re standing there with your tight sweater on? Do you see where I’m going with this? I got into a bit of a nipply situation myself during this shoot. Much to the pleasure and ridicule of my photographer. And it made me wonder… Do I have to layer up underneath my clothes too now? It’s bad enough as it is having to wear coats and boots, but I can’t stand bras! They give me indigestion or something. I swear to God, it’s an awful physical reaction… Anyways, I guess this is not just a winter issue, and maybe it’s even ‘harder’ to deal with in summer. Do you smart girls have any nipple-action remedies?

Green and cream printed top by Creatures of the Wind (SS2013); Black flounce skirt by Thakoon (SS2013); Black turtleneck by Spanx; My vintage black felt bag; My vintage cream fur head piece; Pink fish nets over white tights; Off-white satin buckle shoes by Giulietta; Peach ‘Feather’ cat-eye sunglasses by Charlotte Olympia for Linda Farrow.

Photos by Aram Bedrossian.

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