If you ever wondered – and I know many of you girls have – what Julia Restoin Roitfeld’s closet and vintage collection looks like, I can tell you this: glorious and impeccable! Not only does Julia have an enviable array of the most marvelous pieces, all handpicked or gifted, she also takes particularly great care of them. She keeps everything neatly stored and organized in dry cleaning bags, leather cases and dust free boxes. Designer dresses, antique shirts, ruby earrings, a classic Chanel handbag, even a cheap mini mouse watch – she knows exactly where everything is. “The only thing I don’t buy are vintage shoes. It’s kind of gross.” And so, on a beautiful Monday afternoon, a barefoot Julia graciously talks me through her closet.


April 7, 2010

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6 Responses to “JULIA’S TREASURES”

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    gianni - Reply

    this is my first time on your blog, Hello!
    that was a stunning photo spread, I love how Julia mixes the exotic into her everyday life, very romantic

    it seems to be new york city, from the look of the buildings in the photo, but maybe I'm wrong

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    notjustanothermilla - Reply

    What a great selection of photographs! Julia's white Ibiza dress is so simple and serene. Milla likes!

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    Melissa~ - Reply

    First time in your blog!

    I love Julia, she looks so sweet, gorgeous and elegant as her mother.
    Great collection of dresses. Vintage Love.


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    Is she sponsered by Coke? This is about the third photo with a coke can of one sort or another in her photos… too bad.

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