La Tour Eiffel

How is it that I don’t remember if I ever went on the Eiffel Tower? I have just spent the past hour pondering and searching my deepest, earliest memories. It seems like the obvious thing to do when a) you live two hours away in Belgium and b) you are a curious, adventurous child like I was. The iron tower is such a familiar sight that I was certain I had visited. It’s almost in our DNA, as European tourists. But my mom claims I never did – I just had her on the phone. At least not with her. And I most certainly never did it on my own, or during fashion weeks. Maybe on a school trip? I don’t remember any such pictures or stories though…

So I guess this was my first time…?? Scandaleuse…!

The conditions for my initiation were rather poor. It was raining. It was early. It was freezing. We walked up – we didn’t take the elevator. I was in heels. And I was carrying a few changes of clothing, accompanied by a photographer I had never met in my life. It’s a miracle I’m not sick, or bed ridden with cramped-up calf muscles. But I did it, all bloody thousand steps of them. And it was well worth it – for only €5 each. The views are magnificent, even with a foggy, grey, overcast sky as backdrop. It actually set the mood, for once not all sparkles and jump-do-joy laughter. Sure it’s full of people on those landings – we went on the weekend – but they’re no bother. There’s plenty of room for everyone! More than in the front row….

Vintage studded, grey felt skirt (from Gypsy Nation Vintage); Cropped sweater and long sleeve cardigan by Sonia Rykiel; Long sleeve matches print silk top by Stella McCartney; Black sandals by Prada; Brown wool ‘Kaiser’ coat by Max Mara; Criss-cross top by Bellavance; Wide legged wool pants by Missoni; Black/red/white ‘Lekker’ pumps by Jimmy Choo; Double-dot leather pouch by Clare Vivier.

Amazing photos by (not a stranger anymore) Ugo Richard.

March 5, 2014

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    Raquel - Reply

    Brava! You did it the right way! I never understood why anyone would take the elevator. It takes the whole fun out of it! Beautiful shoot!

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    Beautifully executed, Natalie. Really captures the eerie beauty of Paris in the winter and shows us a glimpse of the world’s most beloved monument in a new light. Of course you look perfectly off-kilter and whimsical and lovely as per usual against this backdrop. Also, I now have a ravenous need for a split-seam vintage skirt with stud details. Well done!

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    From The World With Love - Reply

    You really captured the Paris feeling Romantique and Nostalgic ,From The World With LOve<3 you

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