Like a Bad News Bear

The house in West Shokan is a little bit creepy. It’s like a modern day, inedible version of Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread house, with wood paneled walls, flaky windowpanes, folklore bedspreads and the wrong kind of fixtures. It’s tucked in a forlorn, green suburb half an hour outside of Woodstock, north of New York City. The air is thick with forest mutter and pressing summer humidity. Tracy loves the house, but she could never stay there alone. “I like the authentic oldness of it but I’m afraid of the dark,” she confesses with a visible shiver. “And that fear gets heightened when you are in the middle of the woods and there are bugs the size of your fist flying everywhere.” She rents the house with a couple of close friends to get away from the distractions of the city and focus on work and creative projects for a solid two months.

So far Tracy Antonopoulos has had a busy year. Besides editing and making videos – her most recent being the Vans girls campaign in which she also modeled – she drove her car from Florida to New York with her best friend, Natalie Ziering. “We location scouted, learned a lot about ourselves and each other, shot pictures, and took the most zig-zag, out-of-the-way route possible.” On this trip, the girls officially baptized their new band with the name “Bottom Locker” – Tracy sings. And she recently collaborated on a video for Albert Hammond Jr.’s website. “It was nice working with and for someone who was down to voice his opinions, but who also encouraged my creative flow. It also didn’t hurt that I had awesome music to work with.” The list of people and places that inspire her is impressive. She’s going to see Beady Eye, Liam Gallagher’s solo project in Japan next month – she’s also into Pulp and Brit Pop in general. She loves coffee cake, Disney World, Danny Boyle, The Natural History Museum, JJ Abrams and the David Fincher trailer of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. She hangs out at U2 Karaoke on St. Marks Place, drinks ‘Satellites of Love” at a bar called Lovers and is a regular at Kim’s Video, The Strand, the NYU Library and the Lincoln Square Movie Theatre.

Tracy is a sweet girl with a soft voice and big, intoxicating eyes. She’s candid and curious. She asks a million questions and will answer all of yours. She says her style is mysterious, but I like to think it’s a mix of transcendent Hipster, 90’s House and Tank Girl. “I like to entertain myself,” she explains. “My aesthetic usually entails something pretty classic that a boy from The Bad News Bears would wear. But throw some glam in there and you get a Bad News Bear goes Back to the Future! I want to keep people guessing, keep them on their toes and be a Dreamweaver.” She’s obsessed with the Doc Martens she bought on Valentine’s Day because they are “the color of the Statue of Liberty”. She gets most of her vintage from her parents, grandmother, Metropolis in New York, Scout in Los Angeles, or Natalie’s closet. None of the outfits she chooses for our shoot are coincidences. Every detail, from watch, to bobby pin, to shoe laces is artfully woven into the story of her outfit, down to the iPod and head phones she decides to climb in a tree with or the smiley face she wants to wear on an orange crochet dress. If her mom nicknamed her Spacey Tracey – “because I tend to be a space cadet sometimes” – I can only hope she never loses this dreamy side.


August 3, 2011

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