London Telegraph / 03.12.14

Last summer, a couple of years after launching her wildly popular blog, Tales of Endearment, Natalie Joos had to make a decision.

“I was having mental breakdowns – and physical ones – trying to do both jobs,” recalls the casting agent-turned-editor of the juggling she was doing. “And my agent at IMG said, ‘This is nuts – you are getting more press than all our own models.'”

With a colourful taste in vintage, Joos, 38, has become a street-style star in her own right. Born in Belgium and based in New York, she worked as a studio manager for the photographer Craig McDean before moving into casting for brands such as Phillip Lim and Hugo Boss.

She started Tales of Endearment, she says, out of boredom. “It was about vintage because that’s what I was doing, buying things on eBay and going to vintage stores. And I couldn’t buy it all. I wanted to show people how much great stuff there was.”

Joos describes the site as “stories about love, friends, vintage, music and life”. But it’s the “muses” whom she photographs and interviews that most capture her readers’ attention.

These women – some of whom we’ve included on these pages – come from all over the world but have one thing in common. “They have to love vintage. This is key. Then they have to have a job or a profile that’s interesting to others. A great house is always a bonus.”

March 12, 2014

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