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Look of the Week: Miu Miu gives

For the next week (until October 23rd) the Miu Miu store in the Short Hills Mall in New Jersey will be donating a percentage of its sales to the Valerie Fund, a non-profit organization that helps children with cancer get the treatment they need. I visited the store last Thursday to launch the charity event with some Miu Miu notables and guests.

Appropriately, but oh so gratefully I wore this cute hot pink velvet Miu Miu dress and the famous sparkle Miu Miu booties, worn with or without sparkly pink socks. And for this Week’s Look I paired the outfit with a vintage pink cardigan and an animal printed umbrella sent to me by the Humane Society of the United States, “the nation’s largest and most effective animal protection organization.” I figured I’d catch two charitable birds with one fashionable stone.

Photos by Aram Bedrossian.

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