Look of the Week: Rain on my Parade

As you may have noticed I have a little bit of an obsession with these 1950’s floral sweaters. This orange one I bought at Small Change in Koenji is the third in a series of similar, recent purchases. And it’s the fuzziest one – so cozy and warm. The skirt is from a tiny little vintage store in Shibuya called Hypnotique,¬†an impressive explosion of colors, prints and patterns, from the ground up, all crammed into a space not bigger than my bathroom. I love the semi-paisley print and the slim fit of the skirt. The star necklace I’ve had for a long time. I bought it at a big vintage going-out-of-business warehouse sale but I can’t remember the name of it. It only cost $5! I decided to wear socks again, not just because it rained that day or because the outfit called for it, but because I refuse to wear tights until it’s freezing. I absolutely hate tights – they itch, they make my legs look shapeless and they get ruined too fast – so the longer I can postpone wearing them, the bigger my smile, even in the rain!

And I hope you can see my awesome Minnie Mouse nails better now… I am still utterly and overly in love with them. And I may have turned a few admirers onto Naomi Yasuda’s salon in New York, Hello Beautiful. I discovered she does nail art just like it and I don’t have to fly to Tokyo to get it! Did I mention the horrendous jet-lag I’m dealing with? Still! But so worth it…

Photos by Josh Madson.

November 20, 2011

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