Look of the Week: Retro Rouge

I never thought of putting these two pieces together. The skirt/shorts are vintage, cotton and totally cute, sassy and retro. The Givenchy shirt is silk embroidered, delicate and bohemian. But the color schemes of the pieces produced a really interesting symbiosis. When I wore it out some people even thought it was a dress because they matched so perfectly. I generally don’t wear short skirts with heels anymore but the proportions and playfulness forgive any sexiness the outfit might insinuate. I wore the skirt with a vintage Bob Mackie honky tonk denim shirt in Milan this week. Tommy Ton opened his slide show with the photo today.

The red felt clutch is a vintage purchase from Shikasuki in London. It’s a great accessory to add a red touch to any outfit and in this case, to round up the theme. It barely fits anything but it does the trick. What’s a girl need but some lipstick and a phone anyways?

The beige linen jacket is Stella McCartney. It’s a few sizes too big but I love the loose fit and the big pockets. It’s the only jacket I took with me to Europe and it’s become my best friend. It also made me realize I don’t own enough Stella. I see religiously see her show in Paris every season. I wake up at 8 am to make it there! The casting, location and collections are consistently feminine, subtle and relaxed. But somehow I never make it to the store. This jacket might the first of many…

And last but not least, check out those fabulous Phillip Lim shoes! I discovered them on the style.com accessories guide a few months ago and instantly wrote Phillip a message with a lot of oohs and aahs and ‘me me me!’. And ta-da they appeared in my closet a few weeks ago and I’ve been wearing them out to parties mostly. There’s a funny dichotomy to these shoes though. At first glance they’re sweet because of the bows, but when you look closer and have them dangling on your feet they’re quite hardcore and sexy. And pfew do they make your legs look nice! I’m not a fan of ankle straps – I find they make your legs look shorter – but these ones actually sit higher than your ankle so you keep the narrow of the ankle exposed for a slimming effect. It’s genius!

Today’s Look of the Week was shot by Emma Summerton in my old neighborhood in London. (I lived on Abbey Road and West End Lane 14 years ago and studied at London College of Fashion.) Emma shoots mainly for Italian Vogue and i-D magazine. She’s photographed covers and editorial with everyone from Natashy Poly to Gisele Bundchen to Lindsay Wixon. I don’t have to tell you how honored and blessed I am to be in front of her lens! And watch this space for my Tale of Summerton on Wednesday!

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