Look of the Week: Sorbetto di Milano

I honestly don’t understand why everyone shits on Milan so much. I love being here! The city reminds me of Buenos Aires – it’s old and a bit dilapidated but charming in every way. We’ve been having gorgeous, sunny spring weather since Thursday. And the fashion pack couldn’t be in a better mood; there have been some memorable fashion moments. What’s not to love? I for one am ecstatic about the temperatures. I panicked in London because I didn’t pack enough coats and it was freezing! Now, I don’t even have to wear those horrid tights anymore!!

Tamu and I shot this Look of the Week at 8.30 in the morning! Granted I did not take off my Tom Ford sunglasses once. But the sorbet colors definitely brightened everything up, to the point where I was dancing in the street. I bought the citrus Cos sweater at Selfridges in London. You’ve seen the Miu Miu fur collar before. The skirt is an old Balenciaga that’s a staple in my closet – and it will remain a classic. God knows I love a ruffle. The dusty rose cashmere T-shirt is Adam. The shoes are old Pradas. And the bag – ooh-la-la the bag – is by Corto Moltedo, one of the Bottega Veneta off spring who started his own line of bags from the mold of the famous BV clutch. I borrowed a few of his bags to run around town with this week. They come in every shape, color and finish imaginable. (And Corto’s quite the eye candy himself….) I got the socks on a site called mytighs.com. Oh and the nails! That’s what I ended up getting at Bahama Mama.

I’m off to Paris tomorrow – stay tuned for more funny videos and gorgeous muses. Ciao Milano!

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