Look of the Week: Under my Umbrella

It rained cats and dogs that day but somehow the weather managed to inspire a not-so-drab look. My apologies for not mixing in any vintage – the only thing vintage here is ME! – but it’s nonetheless and equally inspiring.

The look started with the shoes. Appropriately I call these old Dries Van Noten wedges my “rain shoes”. They’re entirely waterproof ┬ábut maintain a certain elegance because of the wedge. I learned my lesson the day before when I was forced to take off my mary janes after I stepped in a puddle on Canal Street. I walked five blocks barefoot in the rain. On Canal Street! Needless to say I had to soak my feet in disinfectant after. Gross.

I wore a baby blue Barney’s cashmere sweater I bought at the Warehouse Sale a few days earlier. I love that sale. It’s crazy what cool things you can still find. It’s worth checking out the men’s department too.

The Moschino dress is an optical illusion. You would think it’s a black jacket over a grey t-shirt dress but in fact it’s all connected! I love how much fun Moschino has with its designs.

One of my favorite accessories is the yellow duck umbrella. It’s my good luck charm.

And so fashion week continues. I am off to London on Tuesday. First thing I packed? My yellow duck umbrella.


September 11, 2011

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