Mango Joos

Paris Fashion Week was barely wrapped and I was already on a plane to Barcelona. By then my suitcase had doubled in size, my toes were crippled and the bags under my eyes darker than the bottom of your purse. But I wasn’t complaining. I hadn’t been in Barcelona is twenty years and I heard it was HOT! I was back in my tank tops and flip flops before I could say Ola!

I was flown here by the good people of Mango. I was to style their new collection in a few looks and get my picture taken. Again, nothing to complain about! Mango’s collection is impressive. Not only in size but also in snazziness. I could have gone on styling for a whole week if they’d let me!! By the time they kicked me off the set, I had accumulated enough goodies to cause a double hernia. Nonetheless I was grinning from ear to ear.

So yes, it was a boatload of fun espanol and I hope my pictures entice you to go Mango shopping! All the looks I’m wearing are for sale!

Photos by Raul Ruz. Location: Studio Store, Barcelona.

November 30, 2012

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