Masha Orlov, Stylecastered

“I’m feeling 90’s conceptual grungy punk grandma at the moment,” reveals Masha Orlov as she scans the clothing rack in her living room. This may sound somewhat A-D-Disorderly and unpractical to some of you but it is just the kind of existential phase one can expect from a colorful girl like Masha. “This here is just what I got in Europe this past month,” she reflects with a hint of excitement. “I bought so much stuff. By the time I got to Italy I didn’t dare to go shopping anymore. My suitcases were so full I didn’t even go to the flea market!” Like most stylists, Masha Orlov is a die hard shopper and she loves vintage. When I look around her apartment there are bags and boxes and towers of clothing everywhere. But her passion is not just a random obsession. Every season she undertakes a focused mission to find her new staple coat, hat, glasses and shoes and adds on to her finely edited collection of Comme des Garcons, Junya Watanabe and Christian Lacroix. When winter descends upon New York, her summer clothes are stored in the basement. And a new Masha begins to occupy the Upper West side apartment.

When I meet Masha she is just getting over a cold. Her place smells like garlic, but in a good way. “When I heard you guys were coming over I stuffed myself with garlic all weekend.” I am accompanied by a team of three from, a wildly popular on-line magazine run by Emily Finkbinder, formerly of Interview Magazine. A photographer is taking (these amazing!) photos and an editor is leading our interview. We don’t mind the smell. We are too wrapped up in Masha’s World, where the wall art is funny and the pillows are embroidered.

“Oh and I collect rock and roll t-shirts too!”

November 11, 2010

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    Blindcopy - Reply

    interesting woman! beautiful pictures – especially the one taken of the both of you sitting. i sadly don't have an eye for vintage clothes (and the place i'm living now – dubai – isn't really one to hunt for vintage). the more i enjoy blogs like yours!

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    loveroffashion - Reply

    I love me some Masha! She's up there with Catherine Baba as my fashion heroes!!!

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    Milene Genovez [Blog] - Reply

    I was looking at your profile and I can tell you it was love at first sight! I graduated fashion. I class sewing and I have a blog! I' m from south Brasil!!!!wHAT'S your e-mail? i love you!!! kiss, Milene Genovez

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    Loved the pics, and I found Masha so inspiring! I can´t fathom how can a house smell like garlic?? and still smells good! haha 🙂

    The pictures, are great; my favorite piece was the purse from MEXICOO!! and like she said… you can find such a great and cheap treasures. Also the Thierry Mugler jacket, with little square trims on sleeves; where is he?? making some muscles somewhere I think, Hope everything goes well with Nicola! taking over the company bearing his name.

    Step by my blog, it´s all about music, fashion art, and everything inspiring me, and I want inspires you, is new, but from one or two weeks ago, my visits are increasing! I´ve been called from Lanvin for writing a great review about them! so would be good you to peep in.

    Regards from Spain.



    BTW… everyone is invited.

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