Me and Mrs. Jones

A lot of flattering adjectives come to mind when I picture Genevieve Jones: beautiful, inspiring, stylish, care-free, sexy, talented, intriguing… But none of these words can begin to describe the overwhelming quality and historical depth of her vintage collection. If there is a Countess and a Queen, Genevieve is the self-proclaimed “Princess of Vintage”. From gorgeous gowns to little hippie numbers, Gen’s closet harbors the widest, most exclusive range of vintage I have seen so far. “I rearrange and clean out my closet constantly,” explains Genevieve when I ask her how she keeps it all organized. “I have boxes and boxes of clothes underneath the day bed that I swap out.”
Ever since she landed ‘Vogue It-girl on the month’ in March of 2006, Genevieve’s photo quotient has risen to dizzying heights, forcing her to constantly reinvent herself when she comes out. Thanks to an inherent talent for dressing and this incredible closet, Genevieve’s never anything but flawless and effortless.
I meet Genevieve on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, in between two horrid dentist visits. And even though she claims to be in agony – she’s been in and out of the dentist chair for a couple of months now – she’s all smiles and giggles. By the time I leave her Soho apartment, we’re both in the best of spirits. What is it again? “An apple a day…”? Or a little retail therapy?

June 10, 2010

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