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Rhythm. Beat. Heart.

By Sissy Dille. Photos by Meredith Jenks.

Music and fashion are two key elements of our culture that look, sound and work great together, an opinion that is shared by Natalie Joos, a New York-based fashion director, style icon and avid music lover. In her mb! interview she talks about music, not fashion, for the first time in her career 

Natalie Joos has a keen eye for beauty. And while she demonstrates this talent when selecting models for shows, campaigns and clients like Phillip Lim, Mario Sorrenti and Mark Fast, she also communicates her enviable aesthetics via the editorial spreads and protagonists of her blog Tales of Endearment.Born and raised in Belgium, the über-talented fashion fiend began her career after a study of journalism at the University of Ghent and a stint as the personal assistant of Glenn O’Brien, style director at men’s fashion mag GQ. O’Brien introduced her to New York’s creative circles and photographer Craig McDean who took her on as a Studio Manager. In 2003, Natalie, a former model herself, founded her own casting company. She soon made her mark behind but also in front of the cameras, when Tommy Ton named her “the best dressed Casting Agent in the industry”. Nowadays, her vintage inspired ensembles not only guarantee her plenty of attention from the world’s premier fashion blogs, but also regular front row seats at international fashion shows. Always en route around the globe, travelling from one key fashion event to the next, she also contributes to name lifestyle magazines like Wallpaper,Vogue or V magazine.At the same time, Natalie enjoys a broad range of interests that invariably keep her on the move. From office to casting to campaign shoot on set – this is her average day and life – and one she masters with flying colours. But no matter where her schedule might send her, music is always part of the equation: Every month, she devours the latest edition of Rolling Stone magazine to get new input and inspirations.

With this in mind, we asked the music-loving fashion maven about her aural inspirations and favourite records. Natalie explains: “First of all, I would like to say that this is the first time someone has interviewed me about music – I could talk and write about it for hours! Music is my life. It keeps me going. It’s my rhythm, my beat, my heart. I love singing – I actually have a bit of a singing voice! – and dancing and listening to music. I could not live without it.“

From your own perspective, how do fashion and music connect and interact? How do they influence each other?
The most obvious connection happens when artists wear specific clothing. They not only express themselves through their music, but also in the way they appear in front of their audience. Look at Florence Welch: She wears a lot of vintage and flowy gowns, which are just an extension of her sound. Or Lady Gaga – she might actually need a bit of theatre to make her music sound grander! After all, it is really just pop songs.
I also love the way designers use music for their runway shows. This season, Rick Owens beat everyone out of the water with Ima Read by Zebra Katz, a local Brooklyn band. So genius!

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July 25, 2012

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