Millennials, listen up! I’m about to share a valuable lesson! Regardless of whether you want kids now, you might want some later in life, you know, as a adult. Who knows, you might not even be married, or have a boyfriend, or like boys for that matter. But your biological clock might start ticking and one day the urge to be a mom will become greater than that career you’ve so carefully and ambitiously pursued. The longer you postpone though, conjuring excuse after excuse about timing and relationship and location and financials, the harder it will get to conceive. So do yourself a favor and freeze some eggs! Do it now! While they’re young and healthy! I promise you will thank me later, not only for the $1000 I’m saving you here, but also for all the emotional and psychical distress you will have avoided by regarding your fertility early. You might end up not needing them, but boy, how many women going through IVF in their late thirties and forties wish they had some eggs to fall back on? This is serious, kids. Do it.

I highly recommend New Hope Fertility Clinic. They have my eggs stored. Read more about my personal journey here.

April 17, 2018

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