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There’s a new park in Williamsburg. And with ‘new’ I mean ‘it’s been open since July but I only just noticed it last week’. Probably because I don’t have any little boys who would enjoy the bike course, or green thumbs to mess around in the urban farm, or lack of deck chair space to crave the outdoor reading room. That said, I can always use a beautiful backdrop for my little shoots. It’s quite nice this park, and a great interim creative community space made possible by the noble people of Two Trees Community Company.

Patchwork padded dress, white flower print shirt with matching asymmetric skirt and black flower print shirt by (Catherine) Litke; Vintage black wide legged pants by Risto; Black velvet shoes by Moschino; Burgundy felt sunglasses by Italia Independent; My vintage burgundy velvet bag; Hooded Duffle Coat by Rick Owens; My vintage black velvet aviator cap; Black raffia hat by Eugenia Kim.

Photos by Felix Wong.

November 4, 2013

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    stephanie - Reply

    the Rick Owens duffle coat is amazing, fantastic, special, wonderful – but I can’t afford it! 🙁

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