My First Rick Owens

I splurged. I couldn’t help myself. I saw the buttons, the hood and the word ‘vintage’ on the ticket and I was mush. Rick Owens does not design for girls like me. His tones of grey, brown and black don’t suit me, neither does the long, frazzled silhouette. But this jacket and I said F it. We are going to get along just fine. Even if it’s just made to look like vintage by stone washing the fabric. And to top it off I added some Margiela, another guy I never wear and shot the story at one of my childhood hang-outs, the dunes of Koksijde. I was feeling very, very Belgian…

Photos by Nathalie Samain, on the Hoge Blekker, the tallest dune in Belgium.

October 9, 2013

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11 Responses to “My First Rick Owens”

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    sarafina - Reply

    You look perfectly content. Love the coat… you included Popeye…NICE! Looking forward to my own time in Zuiland soon! Thank you for the continued inspiration.

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    Kirbybee - Reply

    I’m not sure who Rick Owens designs for. But I can’t tear my eyes/sartorial heart away from his threads, so I get the jacket. Plus you know, looks rad and all.

    kb xx

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    Christina van L - Reply

    Love it! The jacket, the photos are beautiful! Glad you said F-it!

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    The jacket looks amazing. And I am loving the jeans. Who makes them? They are kinda perfect.

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    Buying your first Rick Owens is a rite of passage 🙂 Every time I put my on I’m taken back to the day I purchased it. Well done!

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