Nars Cosmetics has launched a new series of short film portraits for their popular NARSissist edition. It will feature the women they feel represent the many fans and devoted followers who have inspired their NARSissist campaign. Philanthropist and Vogue girl Lily Kwong, DJ and blogger Kiss and myself are the first three women to light up the screen. We are all NARSissists for different reasons. Personally I am grateful for their Red Lizard lipstick, because we all need some Nars to Assist…!

Thank you Trevor Undi for making these three incredible films and my old friend Kelly Virtue at Nars for having such great taste.


February 4, 2014

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    Paris Rendez-Vous and Beyond - Reply

    I love Nars too….have lots of their beautiful stuff. Always feel just a bit more uplifted when I’m wearing their REDS!!!!!

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