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One could categorize vintage in three telling groups. One group would be what we call vintage, and entails everything that’s collected and worth collecting, the special pieces sort of speak, sometimes more than 25 years old. The second group would be consignment, designer pieces that are just a few seasons old and sold in specialty stores like Ina or Tokio 7. The third group is the readily accessible, not-s0-coveted second-hand or thrift group. It’s the kind of stuff you find at Salvation Army stores or Beacon’s Closet, the clothes people discard when they can not justifiably cherish them anymore. Thrift is obviously cheaper than vintage and consignment but not necessarily less interesting or fashionable. In fact, I love the challenge of finding great pieces in a thrift store, and making a $20 purchase look like a million dollars.

One such exercise was presented to me by Topper Luciani at Nifty Thrifty. He owns a giant warehouse in Greenpoint that’s stacked to the rafters in thrift. Truckloads of crumpled clothes arrive at his office on a daily basis and get sifted, dry cleaned, steamed and photographed by his army of assistants. It’s a crazy business operation, but it runs like an engine. Topper asked me to curate a sale based on my interpretation of the season’s hot picks. Because Fall/Winter is all about comfort and a stress-free boyzone I picked out my favorite cashmere and wool options and put a few looks together.

I recruited 23-year old Ukranian model/photographer Cate Underwood from New York Models as my muse for this gig. Cate is not only stylish, cool and fun, she’s also well on her way to become a bit of a staple herself. Unlike most girls who try to find a career after modeling, Cate’s career path took a reverse turn. She was discovered at twenty while she was shooting model tests for agencies. She had already won a Bazaar Fashion Forward Award at 19-years old, was the youngest photographer to ever shoot a cover for Officiel and got hired by Elle and finally Vogue Ukraine. This fashion week she’s a contributing editor for V magazine, so watch her chronicles of all the parties and backstage action!

The results of our day’s work at Nifty Thrifty can be seen in these great pictures by Chama. And most items are on sale here.

February 12, 2014

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    From The World With Love - Reply

    Great JOB ,i like very much the results…
    i would like to find a way to do it with you and From The World With Love .

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    Ah, reminds me of my school girl days. I miss those haunts through Catholic Charities. Thanks, Joos!

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